12. Setting up an Android Device

bMobile Route Training Center


Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

Here are the steps to install the bMobile Route Android Application:

1. Open Chrome or Firefox web browser on your android device.
2. Navigate to assigned webservice (www.whateverYourassignedwebservice.com/RouteWS)
3. Input the login credentials if prompted
4. Locate the Android install files
5. Download the install file by tapping the Android Route link (you can Redownload if you already installed an older version or are replacing a corrupted version)

Once Download is Complete

1. Pull down from top of android screen and select download complete menu item

On Devices That Do Not Allow Install of Unknown Sources

1. Choose settings
2. Choose unknown sources
3. Choose allow for this install only or all times
4. Select Install
5. Select Open when the install is completed
6. And then select Allow all required permissions

To continue the Android Setup

1. Confirm that the device is data connected (WIFI or Cell data), and then open up the bmobile route Application.
2. Choose Settings from the bMobile home screen
3. And Select Web Service Settings

Before proceeding take note – all fields are case sensitive, so inputting incorrect information can result in account lock out

4. You’ll want to Input assigned webservice into Web (www.Yourassignedwebservice.com/RouteWS)
5. Next, Input internal office webservice into the Alternate field

If you are Hosted by bMobile

1. Enter User
2. And Password
3. Press test web to confirm Device is connected
4. Press save
5. Finally, Press the back button to return to home screen

That’s it!

As always, If you have any questions about next steps, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!