13. Pairing a Printer to the Android

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Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In order to print receipts or invoices for customers out on the field, you need to connect your mobile printer to the Android device. This process is simple. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. On your Android device, pull down from the top of the android screen or choose settings from the app drawer.
  2. Next enable the device bluetooth functionality.
  3. Turn on the bluetooth printer, and follow the directions provided with the printer to enable bluetooth and set to pairing.
  4. The printer should now appear in the list on your device. Choose the printer and start the pairing process.
  5. Next, you want to input the printer pin code. If it is a Printek RT43, it’s usually just the number 0, if it is a Zebra RW420, then the pin code is usually 1234
  6. After you have pair the printer successfully, open up the bMobile android app.
  7. Go to Settings
  8. Choose the “Select Printer” menu option
  9. Next , select the correct printer driver to use based on the type of printer you’re trying to pair
  10. Select  the printer from the list and confirm it shows in the current device field.
  11. Finally, test print a page to confirm that everything is set correctly. Just make sure to press “Save” on a successful test print.

That’s it!

As always, If you have any questions about next steps, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!