15. Start of Day – Desktop App

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Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over the Start-of-Day process, specifically for the Desktop Application. This is performed appropriately at the start of the day before the driver starts his or her route.

The goal of this process is to start the day with the bMobile Route Desktop Application, verify routes are correct, and inventory is properly managed. This process is also a double check for the driver to verify the inventory on his or her truck with the ability to print out load sheets.

Starting the Day

1. After opening the bMobile Route Manager, select “Order Management”

2. Select “Load Trucks”

3. Select “Start-of-Day”

4. Choose a route from the route list and enter the date you want to perform a Start-of-Day for

5. Select the truck to be used for the Start-of-Day process

6. Press “Load” and wait for the load sheet to load on the screen

* If you are printing a load or route sheet, select them in the right side of the screen, enter in their requested quantities, and hit print

** If converting a route to a completed status, check the “Enable Manual Route” box, select the invoice checkbox for printing, enter the number of copies, and press print

Editing a Load Due to Inventory Changes

1. Select the Truck Load tab

2. Change the quantity to “Load Value”

Editing a Route Sequence

* Optimization may also be used at this point if the Add-In is present

1. Select the Route Stops tab
2. Enter the stop sequence next to each stop for sequencing purposes

** If optimization is present, press the “Optimize” button and press save when completed

Regenerating a Load Due Prior to Device Starting the Day Due to Missing Stops

1. Enter in route, date, and the truck to be used
2. Press “Load”
3. Press “Regenerate Load” on the right

* If route is already in use, do not regenerate

That’s it!

As always, If you have any questions about next steps, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!