17. Placing Orders – Android App

bMobile Route Training Center


Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over how to create invoices and presales on the Android bMobile Route application.

To create an invoice, click on a customer from the route list.

Select ‘New Order’.

Click ‘Add Item’.

Find the item to add to the invoice and enter the desired quantity.

Click ‘Save’.

You will see your item and its quantities on the order screen.

Click ‘Save’.

You will see the amount due for the invoice.

Select a payment method button to apply the full amount due to that payment method.

Otherwise, you can enter the payment amount method manually.

Click ‘Save’.

You may require a customer signature.

Click ‘Save’.

Your invoice is now stored on the device and will be transmitted to the server upon end of day.

Creating a presale follows the same steps. The only difference is instead of seeing a payment screen you will be presented with a screen to select the delivery date and the delivery route. Drop down menus exist for both selections.


If you have any questions about specifics regarding navigating through this process, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!