19. End of Day Process – Desktop App

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Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over the End of Day process on the Desktop App after the Android End of Day procedure has been completed,  which is covered in the previous video.

The goal of this process is to review, confirm, and settle the routes that were completed that day. This includes any shortages or overages in payments collected or product that was (or still is) on the truck, transactions, amounts, etc. The point is that if anything was off that day, you would find out about it during this step.

Step by Step

Here are the steps to this process:

  • Select Order Management
  • Select End of Day
  • Statuses of routes

Let’s quickly touch base on what each status means in this section:

    1. On Truck – Route still in progress
      1. Just a quick note: The Desktop App cannot force a device to complete their End of Day process, all invoice sends must come from the device
    2. Uploading – Device has started upload process
    3. Complete – device has completed upload
    4. Processing – Server is processing device end of day
    5. Read Error – Server encountered an error with data
    6. Unsettled – Route is completed, awaiting settlement process
    7. Settled – Desktop has completed settlement process, invoices can be sent to accounting system
    8. Posted – Route level information has been posted to accounting system (legacy option, no longer used)
  • You want to choose the Unsettled status and then the route that you would like to balance. You can start the settlement process by double clicking on the row
  • Verify visual out of balance warnings
  • Verify product screen
    1. Blue items are oversold
    2. Red items are product that is short or missing
  • Verify invoice, payment and non stops
  • Edit any transaction and email or print if needed
  • Verify presales
  • Verify expenses –these do not push to accounting, they are reference only
  • Change status to settled and acknowledge warnings
  • Press save
  • Return to End of day list and repeat for other routes in Unsettled status

That’s it!

If you have any questions about specifics regarding navigating through this aspect of the program, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!