2. Navigating through the bMobile Desktop App

bMobile Route Training Center


Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over how to navigate the bMobile Route Manager desktop application as well as some tips and tricks on how to get up and running with this program.

Even though there are many options, menus and tools on the desktop application that you may or may not use, you will most likely learn pretty quickly which ones you will be using on a regular basis, and there are many ways you can customize bMobile to fit your workflow!


Let’s start by looking at the menus at the top. As you familiarize yourself with the menu options that you use more often, you can right click on them and add them to a menu called “Favorites”. The Favorites menu will appear the first time you add a menu option.

You can also toggle this sidebar menu by going to “Options” and clicking on “Show menu on left”.

Data Grid

The grid logic used in bMobile is very similar to other spreadsheet programs like Excel or Google Sheets. You can highlight columns and rows, you can easily sort the data in alphanumeric order by clicking on the column header, you can move the columns around or even hide them. Also you can filter any column by clicking on the “Contains” field.

There are several different filter options. If you click on the little funnel icon, you can see that the “Contains” option is selected, but you can easily filter by “does not contain”, “Starts with”, Ends With”, Is Null”, etc. You can even create a custom filter if you want to combine two filter options together. An example of this is if you want to filter all phone numbers that start with the area code 208 or 410.

Group By

Another feature within the bMobile grid logic is the ability to drag column headers to create “Group by” columns. If you have a huge customer list and you want to be able to drill down and view your list in specific groupings and sub-groupings, you can easily do that with this function.

Let’s say we want to see all of our customer list grouped by Channels. All we do is drag the Channels column header up into this section here. This groups our customer list by the channels we currently have in the system. Let’s say we wanted to drill down even further and to group not only by Channels but also by Zones. Again, just drag the Zones column header up and it will automatically nest it below the Channels grouping, like this.

Many of our clients use these lists to keep track of their customer and inventory data based on the Customer Balance column, or Last Sale Date column, Last Payment Date, etc. This means that with just a few clicks you can know which of your customers owe a balance and when they paid last.

Save Column Settings

If you want to customize the grid and have it come up that way every time you open the list, right click at the top here and click on “Save Column Settings”. Quick note though, you have to make sure that any filters are cleared unless you want them as part of the column settings.

Export / Import

You can also easily export the information to excel if you want to make mass changes to the data and then import it back in. You do this by clicking on the “export” button and choosing which format you’d like to export to. Then you can import the data by going to the Tools menu and clicking on “Import Data”.


If you’d like to edit a record, you can either double click it, or highlight and then click on edit at the top.


After making any changes, you want to make sure to click “Save”. Luckily though, if you forget to save and close out of the window, a notification will come up asking if you’d like to save or not.

Also, it’s important to click on the “Refresh” button after you have made any changes so that the new changes show up in your list.

Navigating Through the Windows

You can navigate to different windows that you have opened in this area down here. And as  you close out any of the windows, the tabs will close out as well.


If you have any questions about specifics regarding navigating through the program, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!