3. Customer List Navigation on the bMobile Desktop App

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Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over the “Customers” menu in the bMobile Desktop App, specifically looking at the Customers List window as well as the Customer Detail window.

Customers Menu

When you click on the “Customers” Menu, and select Customers, it will take you to the Customers List window. This window shows the list of all your customers and all the information the bMobile software has on them. Most of this list will be imported from your accounting software (like Quickbooks, for example).


As was mentioned in the previous video, you can easily customize this window to have the columns you want in the order you want them.

Firstly, if you see a column that is not wide enough and is not showing the information fully, you can double click in the space between the columns to expand it. Also, you can move the columns around, and you can easily hide them as well. Just make sure you don’t hide the columns until you’ve used the program for awhile and you know what each one means and if you actually need it or not.

When you have your Customers List window the way you want it, make sure to right click in this area here and select “Save Column Settings”. Also, as mentioned before, you can easily sort the data just like in other Spreadsheet programs, and if you are looking for a specific record, you can search in the “Contains” field on any column.

Customer Detail Window

If you want to access the Customer detail window, just double click on a row or highlight the customer row and click Edit up here.

There is some general information that is all editable here at the header. The Customer Number doesn’t necessarily need to be a number. Just choose what’s best for you to organize your customer list. We will go into these options later, but as you can see, you can easily create a Presale, Invoice, or Payment for this customer up here, and based on the current data in the system, you can see if you customer owes you anything in this field here.

Tabs Rundown

As you can see, there are a lot of tabs that I have here currently. You will most likely start out with fewer tabs based on what add-ins and options you have turned on. This will be determined and discussed with your bMobile Implementation Consultant.

Other than the General Tab though, some main ones to look for are:

Address Tab

Which is where the billing and shipping addresses are held.

Ship To Tab

If you have customers that have more than one location to deliver to, you’ll want to add those locations here.

Invoice and Presale History Tabs

Gives you historical invoice and presale data for this customer.

Scheduled Stops & Routes Tabs

We’ll get into scheduled stops and routes in the “Route Setup” video, but basically, this tab shows if there are any scheduled delivery or sales stops for this customer and a calendar view of when they are occurring.

Calls Tab

Can help you track a call log to see a history of interactions with this customer.

Pricing Tab

Shows you which price codes have been applied to this customer (we’ll go over that in the pricing video).

Product Guide Tab

Shows you a list of what this customer typically buys from you on a regular basis.

Notes Tab

This is where you can add notes about this customer. You can add notes that you want the drivers to see on their device, and the drivers can add notes off their devices for future reference as well.

Save & Refresh

Finally, if you make any changes to the customer, make sure to click on “Save” when you are done. Also, when you get back to the Customer List, you’ll have to click on “Refresh” for your changes to take effect in the list.


If you have any questions about specifics regarding navigating through your Customer List in the bMobile Desktop Application, make sure to touch base with your bMobile Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!