4. Inventory List Navigation on the bMobile Desktop App

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Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over the “Inventory” menu in the bMobile Desktop App, specifically looking at the “Inventory List” window as well as the “Inventory” Detail window.

Inventory Menu

When you click on the “Inventory” Menu, and select Inventory, it will take you to the Inventory List window. This window shows the list of all your inventory items and all the information the bMobile software has on them. Just like with your customer list, most of this list will be imported from your accounting software (like Quickbooks, for example).


As was shown in the Customer List video, you can easily customize this window to have the columns you want in the order you want them. Expand them, hide them, sort them, group them, etc. If you have more than one PC using the bMobile route desktop app, you can have each PC have its own customized view.

To edit an inventory item, double click, or highlight and click “Edit”. This will bring up the Inventory Detail Window.

The Detail window has a lot of information regarding the specific inventory items including inventory amounts, costs, if the item is assigned to a product type or product class, as well as a place to upload an image of the item.

Here are some of the key tabs to look at for key information regarding this inventory item:

  1. On hand – The on hand tab lets you know how much of this item you have on hand in your warehouse, how much is committed, and how much is available to be sold.  
  2. History – the history tab gives you the option to look at invoices within a specific date range where this item has been sold previously.
  3. Customer Guide – We will cover this feature in the “Product Guides” video
  4. Pricing- this tab will also be covered in a subsequent video called pricing.
  5. Notes – Easily add a note for future reference in this tab.

Save & Refresh

Finally, if you make any changes to the inventory item, make sure to click on “Save” when you are done. Also, when you get back to the Inventory List, you’ll have to click on “Refresh” for your changes to take effect in the list.


If you have any questions about specifics regarding navigating through your Inventory List in the bMobile Desktop Application, make sure to touch base with your bMobile Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!