7. Pricing Overview

bMobile Route Training Center


Welcome to the bMobile Tutorial Video Series.

In this video, we will go over the basic pricing process in the bMobile Route Manager.

It’s important to note that any discounts in pricing should always reduce from the wholesale amount. bMobile always looks to give a customer the best price possible based on inventory wholesale or the applied price codes.

Step by Step

  1. Select Customer or Inventory menu
  2. Select Pricing
  3. Choose an existing pricing structure or select new
  4. When adding a new one, Enter the price code number or name and an optional description
  5. Select the Product Prices/BOGO get tab
  6. Add the items that you would like to apply to the price code
  7. Then Define the price for each item
  8. Finally, Select the “Applies to” and Choose the customer, zone or channel of customers the pricing will apply to.
  9. You can also specify start and end date, if you’d like.
  10. Make sure to Press Save to save your changes

As a quick note, It is best to cover advanced pricing options with your consultant.

That’s it!


If you have any questions about specifics regarding navigating through this process, make sure to touch base with your Implementation Consultant!

Thanks and have a good day!